Santa Fe Coil – Solenoid Coil Manufacturing

A Division of Santa Fe Electric, Inc.

Your source for specialty & obsolete coils



Santa Fe Coil has information on file to manufacture many coil types from scratch, including Contactor Coils, Close Coils, Trip Coils, Under Voltage Coils, Relay Coils, Blow-Out Coils, or Bell Alarm Coils

Solenoid Coil Restoration / Duplication:

We have strived to have the technology and knowledge to restore and duplicate most coils. CNC Router, etc

Solenoid Coil Restoration / Duplication


Circuit Breaker Motors:

We restore electric motors for switchgear and circuit breakers. Typically charging motors, elevating motors.


Circuit Breaker Motors


Armatures / Fields:

We rewind electric motor armatures.



Armatures / Fields



We rewind transformers.